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A wide range of experience awaits!

Preschool Classes

Beautifully decorated classrooms

All Grades and groups from the Littlies (Red Group) to the Grade R’s, are exposed and offered a wide range of experiences in an integrated programme with lots of informal, as well as formal teacher-directed times.

Our Grade R class follows the required CAPS curriculum.

Babies, 1 - 2 yrsRed Group

Our Babies are welcomed into this nurturing and loving “home away from away” first play school experience. We give special attention to your precious baby focusing on areas that allow them to grow.



Toddlers, 2 - 3 yrsBlue Group

Our “get down and dirty” class is all about focusing on having fun and learning through the 5 Senses. A wonderful introduction for your child’s first schooling experience. A routine filled with learning, painting, baking, puzzles and playing.



Grade 000, 3 - 4 yrsYellow Group

An introduction to formal Pre-School. A slightly more structured environment where we incorporate lessons and learning experiences, together with a variety of activities that form the cornerstone of your child’s early Pre-School years.



Grade 00, 4 - 5 yrsGreen Group

A structured environment with lessons planned around literacy, numeracy and life skills, to prepare your child for Grade R. Our carefully planned syllabus, with hands on experience, will give your child the opportunity to explore learning on many different levels.


Grade R/A, 5 - 6 yrsOrange Group

Hakuna Matata has “no roof”, meaning there is no limit to your child’s learning journey. Based on the CAPS Programme our Grade R’s are given every opportunity to reach their true potential, creating a holistic, independent individuals who are well prepared scholastically, physically and emotionally for the beginning of their primary school years.


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