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A comprehensive list of all important information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have fully qualified teachers?

Yes, my teachers are all highly qualified. The teachers and I are trained in First Aid.

How do you handle the separation process?

There is no definitive timeline for the separation process. We make every effort to support parents and children through the process.

Does my child need to be toilet trained?

No, children (Red and Blue Group) ages 1 year to 3 years, do not need to be toilet trained to attend. We support parents in the toilet learning process. Grade 000, 00 and Grade R need to be toilet trained. We support and facilitate the younger children during the toilet time routine.

Do you have an emergency plan?

Yes, we have a comprehensive emergency plan.

What is your policy on vaccinations?

Parents must show proof of their children’s current vaccinations adherent to the schedule recommended by the South African Department of Health. If your child does not meet these requirements, you must sign a Personal Beliefs Affidavit. In the case of an outbreak of a vaccine preventable illness, the child may be temporarily excluded from attending school.

At what age can a child attend formal schooling (e.g. Grade One)?

The Government stipulates that a child may enter into Grade One in the year they are 5 turning 6 years of age OR 6 turning 7 years of age.

School Hours

Red Group 07h00 – 12h00
Blue Group 07h00 – 12h00
Yellow Group Grade 000 07h00 – 12h10
Green Group Grade 00 07h00 – 12h20
Orange Group Grade R+A 07h00 – 12h30

The school gate will open at 07h00. Our “drop and go” system is from 07h15 to 08h00. Our daily programme begins at 08h00.

We suggest that children arrive at school no later than 07h50 whenever possible, in order for them to settle, in a calm and less stressful manner. Children who arrive late tend to be anxious, whilst also disrupting the other children who have settled. Your co-operation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

The grade “pick-up and goes“ are done at staggered times, to alleviate and help with traffic congestion and parking. Please abide by these times and avoid lingering in the car park.


We would like to encourage all parents to give a loving and quick “Goodbye” each and every morning. Children generally settle in quickly as they begin activities within the classroom however should your little one be struggling to settle in, we will call you. Please don’t linger outside, as this makes the settling process long and drawn out. Children whose parents are confident and positive and give short goodbyes, tend to settle best.

School Structure

Hakuna Matata used to operate from 2 Campuses, the “Timon Littlies” ages 14 months to 3 and a half and the Pumbaa Campus, ages 3 to 6 years.

In 2018 the Hakuna Matata Pumbaa Campus caters for all children from the ages of 1 to 6 years of age.

Red Group 1 to 2 years
Blue Group 2 to 3 years
Yellow Group Grade 000 3 to 4 years
Green Group Grade 00 4 to 5 years
Orange Group Grade R+A 5 to 6 years


  • This facility is available to all children from 12h00 until 17h00 on a daily basis
  • Aftercare runs from 12h00 until 17h00 (full day) on a daily basis
  • Fees include prepared sandwiches and fruit. Water will be available throughout the day
  • Late arrivals after 17h00 will be charged a penalty fee
  • The fee structure for our aftercare is available in our School Fees Letter
  • The daily routine is available on request

Our Commitments

To provide a secure, friendly and stimulating environment in which your child can feel comfortable and confident.

To provide qualified staff, who have a genuine love and concern for the children in their care.

To provide an environment that caters for the needs of all children and encourages the healthy development of physical, emotional, intellectual and social skills.

To encourage the participation of parents in their child’s Pre-School career.

To ensure that, on a daily basis, children participate in a variety of activities, with emphasis placed on the development of self-motivated learning.

To ensure a balanced daily program that provides children with adequate time for meals, rest and play.

To encourage children to be respectful, sensitive and thoughtful towards the natural environment.

To encourage children to value and respect each other’s differences while promoting the development of a positive self-esteem.

Holiday Club

Hakuna Matata is open during most of the KZN school holidays from 07h00 until 12h00 and Holiday Club is available to all children. Any siblings and friends who would like to join us, will be charged a daily rate.

Aftercare is available during Holiday Club and operates until 17h00.

Extra Murals

Three extra murals are held on our premises, either during or after school hours.

Attendance of extra-murals is a private arrangement between the relevant coaches and yourselves however the school facilitates the safe collection of children by the coaches before the activity. Should your child be attending an extra-mural, the school requires notification in your child’s notebook EVERY time your child attends the extra-mural e.g. 1 March = Karate.

Payment for extra-murals must be done directly to the extra-mural coach/teacher – electronic transfers or direct deposits are the preferred method of payment. Banking details can be obtained from the coach/teacher.

In order to control payments for extra-murals, the school WILL NOT accept cash or cheques for these activities.

School fees do not include any Extra Mural Activities.

First Aid

My staff and I are trained in First Aid and should a problem arise, paramedics are on call.


We have armed response with Marshall Security and direct contact with them via our panic buttons on our ResQme bracelets that every staff member wears.

Absence & Illness

If your child is ill or will be absent, please phone the school between 07h30 and 08h30. If your child has a contagious illness, please keep him/her at home until the risk of infection has passed. Absences may not be made up, nor will there be any refunds/deductions to fees.

School & Public Holidays

Hakuna Matata Pre – School follows the KZN school calendar. We will be closed on all Public Holidays. Holiday club will be available during some of the holiday periods. Parents will be notified well in advance of these dates in order to plan accordingly.


Hakuna Matata Pre- School unfortunately does not provide any meals during the course of the morning. We ask that you provide a healthy snack for your child. This must be placed in a container that fits comfortably into a cooler bag. Also include a bottle of juice or water (no fizzy drinks or energy drinks are allowed). We do not have a “junk food day” as Baker-Baker on a Friday is sufficient. Peanuts are discouraged as a snack due to the potential choking and allergy threats.

At Aftercare we provide a healthy lunch made up of sandwiches and fruit. Water is encouraged throughout the duration of the day.

Clamber Club

Clamber Club is a compulsory activity for all children over the age of 2 and will be performed during school hours on a Monday morning.

Potty Training

Children who are not potty trained in the Red and Blue Group must supply nappies, wipes and bum cream. We will assist you in potty training but for the system to work it is important for parents to work in conjunction with the school and to continue the training at home. All children entering the Yellow Group, need to be out of nappies and potty trained before they start school.


A birthday is a great event in every child’s life and others love to share in it. Parents are welcome to bring a cake or similar and some party treats on this day and are encouraged to stay for the birthday ring.


Parents are requested to ensure that their children wear clothes which they can play comfortably in and which may be dirtied through play. During toilet training, “accidents” are likely to occur and a few sets of clean clothes and underwear should always be available. Please supply one large Zip lock bag for dirty or wet clothes. Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly marked. Hakuna Matata Pre- School has a little uniform and if you are interested, you may order items from the Little T’s order form.


When your little one starts at Hakuna you will be required to pay a yearly Levy Fee which covers their necessary toiletries for the year (tissues, paper towels, soap and Dettol). For children still in nappies, please supply a packet of nappies, wipes and bum cream if necessary and we will let you know when this runs out. Please apply sun cream every morning before bringing your child to school and supply a clearly marked high factor sun cream which we will reapply if necessary, if you are not part of our Sun Savvy Drive.


Parents are most welcome to discuss any concerns or queries with me. We look forward to doing everything that we can to ensure that your little one spends many happy and fun-filled days at Hakuna Matata Pre-School. It is a privilege for us to be a part of your child’s early learning journey and we can assure you that your little one will be nurtured in an environment filled with love and learning.

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